A Birthday Trip to Cornwall

Hello friends! 

We're just back from Cornwall. My Mum and I went to visit my sister and her family for a few days.

We drove down to Falmouth for my Dad’s birthday, and also mine, which is the following day. We knew it was going to be a hard week without having Dad around, so we decided it would be nice to spend those days together as a family. I was grateful to be with my sister, my nephew and my Mum in Dad’s favourite place.

As a family we’ve loved Cornwall for years and years. My first visit was to St. Ives in a nappy before I was even one year old, and I’ve been every year since.

Sometimes, we go two or three times a year. Our love for all things Cornish came from Dad. He was at his most free and content whenever we were in Cornwall and he loved the way of life down there. I love the Cornish coastal cottage style, and it often influences some of my homeware designs. 

Cornwall is just part of us, and now my sister lives in Falmouth, so it’s nice to be able to visit without us having to pre-plan too much.

I’m not so familiar with Falmouth, although I’m getting to know it quite well now. I’m more used to touring the North and West of Cornwall which will always be my favourite. But, Falmouth has it’s charm too! 

We had a lovely time, despite my sister being quite poorly at the start our visit. This is always the way these days, whenever we get together one of us is usually taken poorly. It was my turn in May when we last visited, I ended up with tonsillitis! We put our poor health down to our grief. It’s been a tough year. 

We had a nice time together just chilling and pottering around Falmouth. We went to a cute café called Potager Garden on Dad’s birthday. I had the Hummus Plate and it was delish. They have some lovely gardens with hammocks and hens and sculptures. They also have resident handmade artists with studios based there, and they run some lovely creative workshops and evening events. It's a nice place to visit if you're of the creative persuasion!

We also went to The Greenbank Hotel for afternoon tea on my birthday which was a lovely experience and made the day feel special despite it being a tough milestone for me.

We enjoyed our tea with lovely views over Falmouth harbour and my nephew even had his own mini afternoon tea which he thought was amazing. Ham sandwiches and plenty of cake is a toddler’s dream! We were laughing because we had scones and he has already been taught at nursery at the grand age of 2 that it’s ‘jam first’ on a cream tea, which is obviously correct, and the proper Cornish way to do things! 

We also spent a day at St Michael’s Spa for some rest and relaxation time which was lovely! There’s something about sitting in an outdoor hot tub with the view of the sea and the sound of the Cornish seagulls flapping about that makes a spa feel even more Zen like!

Once we’d had our hydrothermal experience we went up to the restaurant and had a delicious lunch. I had a Buddha Bowl which was very tasty and felt very nutritious.

We like to spend time wandering around the town and I always go in to two of my favourite shops in Falmouth. One is called The Grey Lurcher which is a lovely homeware shop, and the other is called Inspire Makers. They sell a selection of beautiful handmade things from prints, to cards, to jewellery. I usually always pick things up and say to whoever I’m with: “Oh I know this maker from Instagram!" That’s the beauty of shopping small.

I picked two beautiful silver stacking rings for myself as a birthday treat from my husband! They didn’t have my size as I’ve got tiny witch fingers, but they were happy to make them bespoke for me as the jeweller was in the store that day. I collected them a few days later and they’re perfect!

I also always have to go in the crystal shop. This time my Mum bought me a lovely pale blue crystal bracelet for my birthday and I also bought some Californian White Sage so I can waft it around our new house and try to clear any negative energy that might be hanging around. I love all the crystal and woo woo stuff!

After a nice week together, we travelled back home with new memories, but always wishing Dad was with us to enjoy the happy moments we share.

It was nice to have a break but I was looking forward to getting back to my work too. That’s why I love what I do because I’m always itching to get back to business. 

Lots of love. 

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