Annie & Wilf Vs Rebecca Harris Design: Why Two Separate Collections?

For this week's blog post I wanted to explain why earlier this year I decided to separate my products into two collections. 

One collection is called Rebecca Harris Design and one is called Annie & Wilf. And, I think they each have their own clear style and identity. 

Below is part of the Rebecca Harris Collection, which is made up homeware items made in fabrics such as heavy cottons and linens. The colours are soft, with blues and greens. I like to stick to a coastal, Cornish inspired palette. 

Then I have the Annie & Wilf Collection which is made up of sweet and sentimental keepsakes. I make small hanging decorations with cute pastel and floral lightweight fabrics in a variety of shapes, clouds, bunnies, stars and hearts. I tend to stick to polycottons and cute prints for my keepsakes. 

Separating the two design styles makes sense and allows me to think a bit more clearly when I'm choosing new fabrics or designing something new. 

If you’ve been a customer here since the early days of 2014, then seeing the two collections will probably already make sense to you.

You’ll have seen my business evolve over the years. You'll know the style I started off selling, and that I introduced a new design style as the business grew. Hopefully for you the two collection styles will be quite clear in your mind.

But if you’re newer here then I wanted to explain how and why I came up with the idea to have two separate collections. It's not a big deal to have two collections, I know, but I thought it was a nice story so I wanted to share here.

This year, 2022, I decided to introduce some lovely new handmade linen homeware designs to my website. I am now selling table runners and napkins in beautiful soft shades of sage green, oatmeal and blue stripes. I have always been personally influenced by a Cornish cottage interiors vibe. It’s how I choose to style my own home, and, this year I wanted to bring a bit more of that style to my business.

I had already started to experiment with bringing this style to my business back in 2017, which is when I changed my business name from Annie & Wilf to Rebecca Harris Design. The name change was to reflect the new style of  homeware designs.

Prior to that my business had always been called Annie & Wilf and I was known for making cute pastel coloured designs, new baby and wedding gifts, bunting, Christmas tree decorations and sweet little hanging keepsakes. I was quite successful under this business name but at the time, in 2017, I wanted to move things forward and build a business that reflected my own personal tastes more.

Luckily I've done well with my new homeware items too, they've been popular! But I am still very emotionally attached to the pastel shapes, because they are where my business started, and they still sell so well.

I've deliberated over discontinuing my pastel keepsakes and to only sell the homewares, because for a while I’ve had the urge to move things on. But I just can’t seem to let them go completely, and, you always ask me about them. It’s lovely to still be remembered for the keepsakes, and some of you come back year after year to order them for special occasions and as gifts for friends.

So, I have kept them on the website, but always felt that they deserved to be in their own separate collection away from the linen cottage style homeware items. 

Annie & Wilf are two very special people to me. They are my maternal grandparents who I never got to know. Unfortunately, they both died very suddenly before my second birthday. Wilf died when my Mum was 19, and Annie died when my Mum was 32. They have remained a huge part of my upbringing and both names are spoken daily in our conversations. I love my grandparents and I will always want to make them proud of me. 

When I first named my business Annie & Wilf it felt like a perfect fit for the items I was selling, but in 2017, after introducing the new homeware items I felt I wanted a business name that would reflect who I was a bit more, so I changed it to Rebecca Harris Design.

Now, Annie & Wilf were also known as Mr & Mrs Harris. Harris is not my actual surname. I've always chosen to keep that private here. But using Harris felt right because it meant I could keep their influence in the business.

As the years passed by I just couldn’t seem to let the business name Annie & Wilf go completely, why would I. It's where it all started!

I had held onto the Instagram handle and the web domain because I felt like it was still mine. Some of my original customers still refer to me as the Annie & Wilf lady!

Then one day earlier this year I had an idea. Why not put the original pastel designs into their own collection and call it the Annie & Wilf collection?

So that’s what I did, and that’s why there are two main collections on my website now. I think it makes perfect sense and helps to keep the two styles separate.

This way, Annie & Wilf are still a part of my business, isn't that nice?! I hope I make them proud. 

If you type into the search bar my website will come up. And, you can find the pastel designs on an Instagram account called Annie & Wilf.

I’m happy with this set up for now, it allows me to be respectful of where I began, but also to move forward into designing homeware items in a style that I love, and that is very 'me'.

Please do have a browse and see what you think of the two different styles. I wonder which is your favourite?!

Lots of love,



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