Back to Blogging For Business, and The Start of A New Personal Blog Too!

Seven months into my journey with grief, I find myself back at my keyboard wanting to share some thoughts with you here on my website.

I've wondered many times recently, where do I go from here? What will my business look like now that I feel like a completely different person? 

The last post I published was at the beginning of the summer, July 2021. The weeks that followed my Dad's sudden death passed me by in a daze, I managed to reopen my business later that summer, but I wasn't mentally present. I did it because I find making therapeutic, my business and customers have always brought me hope during darker times, and, quite honestly I needed the income. I made my way through a busy autumn and winter season. It was challenging, I can't lie. Making Christmas decorations for what I perceived to be happy, intact families felt tough. But, I do enjoy my job. I like the solitude and space it provides my mind. 

And, now I find myself in a new year. 2022. A year my Dad will never see. The business is in a bit of a lull, order numbers are lower than usual, and my energy levels are depleted.

I'm waiting to have major surgery at the end of March, which will take me out of action for a few months, and I'm also currently having some counselling. There's a lot going on for me personally, and it has certainly impacted my business. I know you can sense that, I'm not the same happy person I was on my Instagram posts. And that's ok, it's always better to be honest. I respect my customers too much to try to fool you into thinking nothing is going on. Because, it is. 

I've been thinking a lot, re-organising my thoughts, and trying to picture a future worth fighting for again.

I've taken to writing most days which is helping me tremendously. Enjoying my writing so much has spurred me on to share more of my personal story on a new blog. I’m currently working on setting it up and will publish it later this spring. It'll be a place, separate from my business, where I will talk about my grief, mental health, and other things that are personal to me. My grief seems to have led me to this new, very cathartic hobby. A diamond from the rubble, maybe. 

*The blog is now up and running by the way! It's called Beneath An Orange Sky.

But, I've realised I want to write more here too. I've got a lot to say about business. A lot of which, won’t fit into an Instagram caption! So, I thought I’d try publishing more regular blog posts here on my website.  

I’m aiming to publish one post a week, on a Wednesday, because I think this will provide a nice balance. It’s consistent, but not overwhelming. I may miss a week here and there but I’m letting you know my intentions in the hope that it will motivate me to be strict with myself. Routine is not my forte, however so if I can stick to it this time, I'll be proud of myself. 

I'd like to write about business. Updates, thoughts and reflections, advice and mindset nuggets for other business owners. Maybe even some crafty tutorials and ideas for you! I'm proud to say I've run my business for ten years this year and have learned a lot during that time. So, there's a lot I can say over here!

I'll also provide a few personal updates, because I think blogging is a lovely way to keep you up to date with the things going on in my life without having to rely on social media all the time. 

Dad will come up in my writing here, of course, and mental health is always on my mind, literally. But I'd actually really like it if my blog here was a place where I can talk mostly about business and crafty things. Things that take me away from my grief for a moment or two. I have my grief blog, and this is my business blog. The two will always been intertwined but separate too.

Coming up with this plan to start writing regularly for my business, and my own personal blog, has given me a small sense of direction and purpose back. I think the routine of writing and publishing weekly posts will be good for me. I can't wait to start sharing some business secrets with you.

See you next week!


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