Life Update: I'm Having Major Surgery Soon!


I'm here to share the news that this spring I'll be reluctantly taking a break from my business.

The reason for the break is that I'm booked in for major surgery on the 30th March and have been told by my consultant to take eight weeks off work. So, naturally I've decided to take nine! I plan to spend eights week recovering at home, and then the ninth week will be spent in Cornwall visiting my nephew and my sister. 

My online shop is going to be closed from 28th March to the 9th June 2022. I plan to put a password on the website so it will still be live but unfortunately you won't be able to browse or purchase anything. 

As you can imagine, this is all highly inconvenient for a small business owner who enjoys the spring season of making. April is usually a productive month for me as I tend to sell a lot more of my bunnies around Easter time, but alas this year I’m going to miss out on all the fun.

I'm going to be honest with you, I’m booked in to have an open myomectomy. It's major abdominal surgery which I need to have to remove some rather large uterine fibroids that have been causing me some health issues for a while. It's been a long process to get to this point and dealing with all the tests and getting the diagnosis whilst grieving for my Dad has been hard.

Life has been quite tough behind the scenes, and I have shared some of that with you on Instagram because small business owners are people too, and I think it’s important for you to feel that you know me.  

It's my first experience with having major surgery. I've never even stayed in hospital over night. Apart from the day I was born, obviously. I’m very anxious about it. Mostly about the anaesthetic, and epidural because I’m a control freak. I’ll be having a big incision across my abdomen, so recovery will be slow, but, if all goes well, my quality of life and health will vastly improve, so I’m feeling hopeful. My surgeon is also lovely so I’ve put my faith in him to look after me! 

I have a personal blog called Beneath An Orange Sky where I plan to share some more detailed posts about my diagnosis, surgery, recovery and the impact fibroids have had on my mental health. As well as writing here for my business I decided to start my personal blog earlier this year because after having such a tough time since my Dad died I needed to find a way to process my feelings. Writing online about my experiences helps me to reach out to others too. I love writing, and so, my blog was born!

Assuming the surgery is a success I then just need to focus on recovering sensibly. I’ll do my best to be a good patient and I'm forbidden from using my sewing machine for at least two months. Most crafters will understand that making is a form of therapy so no doubt I’ll struggle with that! Sewing has kept me going during some of my darkest moments recently. 

But this also means that I physically won’t be able to make any orders for you. Booo! I currently work on the basis that everything is handmade to order here, so once I clock off, the order book will be firmly closed.

I’ll be reviewing whether when I return. I might start batch making instead. 

You will still be able to order up until the 25th March, but I can’t make any guarantees for items after that unfortunately.

I will probably pop online just to let you all know if the surgery was successful but after that I’ll be on full rest mode, no Instagram, and no emails. I’m going to take it as my chance to press the reset and recharge button. I have got plenty of books, cross stitch kits, and a new iPad Pro to play with. I've promised myself I'll learn how to use Procreate. No doubt I'll also be journaling and sleeping a lot!

I won't be blogging on this website until I'm back but I have a new personal blog about grief and mental health that I'll be working on while I'm off.

Thank you so much for all the love and understanding you show me. Every time life comes at me to try and knock me over, you're always so supportive and kind. I will not be defeated. I will be back! I'm super scared of the surgery but I'm looking forward to feeling fit again and reclaiming some of the life that these pesky fibroids are stealing from me. 

Lots of love,

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