Pumpkin Season 2022

If you're a fan of my fabric pumpkins and you’re planning on buying some this year, then this blog post is one worth reading!

For pumpkin season 2022 I’ve decided to make a few tweaks to how I run the shop.

My aim is to make my life less stressful, to make dispatch times a lot quicker for you, to have some fun with it, and to offer you some more choice.

I’ve mentioned on a previous blog post that batch making is my new thing. I’m making items in advance now, whereas before I ran an entirely handmade-to-order affair, which at busier times became very overwhelming. Batch making has worked well for me with my hearts over the summer so I’m going to try the same approach with my pumpkins for autumn 2022.

I’ve decided that every Sunday evening at 8.30pm, starting on the 24th July and running right through to Sunday 23rd October, that I’ll release a fresh batch of pumpkins on my website. Whatever you buy on the website will already be made, and that means I can set to work on posting your orders the next day for you!

I have two best-selling colours that I’m aiming to restock every week but there might be some surprises along the way this year depending on how I feel. I might add some new fabrics and patterns to the collection. 

Another thing I will be looking into launching is Make Your Own Pumpkin Kits. They seemed to be a popular choice when I asked you about them on Instagram Stories, and I think it would be lovely to spread some of my creative joy around. Making and creating is the best!

The kits will come with instructions but I might film some tutorials too. I have started to really enjoy sharing some of the behind the scenes of me making, in the last month.

So, that’s all for now.

Here’s hoping this pumpkin season will be a good one. 

Lots of love,


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