The Sewing Bee Buzz…

I’ve always had dreams, hopes and plans, but Dad’s death in July 2021 totally rearranged everything, and I was directionless for a while. I didn’t know who I was anymore.

I’ve run my business for 10 years and it's steadily grown over that time. 2020 had been my most successful year to date and things were going well for me. 

Then when Dad died my world turned in on itself and, I’ll be truthful, I did find myself considering whether I should give it all up and go back to working full time. Running a business has always been mentally draining for me but the rewards have always outweighed the effort because it’s always been in my bones and it’s just something I enjoy. However, after facing such a sudden loss, I stopped feeling like me, and I didn't feel I really belonged in the craft world anymore. Every other maker seemed to be happy and enthusiastic and I was just sad and lost.

Then in March 2022 I ended up having open abdominal surgery and had to spend eight weeks resting. I really did detach myself from all things business during that time. I didn’t even look at my sewing machine. And, I think, as it turns out, it was the break I really needed.

As I tentatively came back to my business on June 9th, 2022, I had a few shaky moments of thinking… “How do I sew again?” But after that, my lack of confidence seemed to dissipate and, since that I’ve been feeling like I’m back hitting my full stride again. Enthusiasm levels for sewing have returned.

And I think in part this has been encouraged by watching The Sewing Bee on BBC. I watch it every year, but this year there’s just something about Annie, Brogan, Man Yee and Deborah (the finalists!) that has inspired me immensely.

They are all so talented and enthusiastic, and they make sewing look cool, and fun. They make me proud to be part of their club.

I've been watching it and thinking, actually I'm one of them, I'm a sewing geek, and it feels good to belong. 

Because I love that I know my way around a sewing machine like the back of my hand too. I love that I know what a bobbin is, and what bias-cut means or about the warp and the weft. And I think it's quite cool that I learned to sew at school aged 13 in my Textiles classes in Year 9 and went onto do really well in my Textiles GCSE and Textiles A Level.

I love that although I did my degree in English Language, I came back to sewing, and, it turns out I can make a living out of it! I love that when my Mum or my husband watch me sew they always say. “You’re really good at that.” Or, “You’re a whizz on that machine.” 

I love fabrics, colour, design and print, and I’m proud of everything I make and post out to you.

And I love sewing because it has been an absolute lifeline for me during the most difficult time in my life. It quite literally got me out of bed when I felt I had nothing to live for last autumn.

It wasn’t that it was a distraction from my grief, but when my hands were busy, my mind was calmer.

During those dark days of autumn and winter 2021 I would put my headphones on and make something pretty with nothing more than my skill, my trusty machine, some fabric, and some thread.

And I continue to do that now, and it makes me feel happy. Every time I sit at my machine to make something I get a rush of endorphins. And it's perfectly ok for me to say to myself. "I'm good at this." Because, we can all be good at something.

Sure, there are times, like every Christmas, when I’m a bit tired of sewing. Because 100 gingerbreads in, that’s going to happen. But deep down I don't think I'd have lasted 10 years doing anything else. There must be a reason that I’ve clung onto my craft even when I've felt unsure. And that's because deep down I am proud of what I do and, most importantly I enjoy it. And watching The Sewing Bee kind of made me realise that. I'm just a massive fabric and haberdashery geek. And that is lovely!

So, I’m back to business and full of all the enthusiasm for my work.

I’ve got so many plans for the rest of the year. I hope I can fit everything in.


I might embrace sewing as a creative hobby more too. I might even make a dress for myself, I’m sure I can remember how to use a sewing pattern. And if I can't I might go to a night class.

I have been teased for being older than my years for liking my sewing and for being content with my own company. But, I get to do something I really enjoy for a living, and the sky really is the limit. So, I’ll keep my dreams close, and hopefully with hard work and enthusiasm I’ll continue to fly!

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  • What a talented and strong lady you are! Keep at your business and your dreams will become reality. It is brave to create a business and you are clearly focussed on being successful and long may that continue. Ignore the doubters and be true to yourself.


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